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Relab Energy Co. Ltd. was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2008, and its first subsidiary followed in Thailand in 2009. In spring 2016 mr sejersgaard-jacobsen set up an office in denmark, as a holding for their european operations. Its main partners are:

Mr. Jacob Sejersgaard-Jacobsen, Executive Director

Mr. Sejersgaard-Jacobsen is a danish citizen with a history of investments in europe, africa and southeast asia. He grew up in a family professionally engaged in agriculture and real estate, and is a 4th generation descendant of the founder of Novo Nordisk, a pharmaceutical and healthcare research company. Besides his business interest, Mr. Sejersgaard has also been engaged in activities in social work, education, visual and performing arts, through various non profit organizations.

Mr. Santi Krajaechun, Technical Consultant

Mr. Santi is a Thai national with over 20 years of managing experience in mechanical and electrical engineering. In the last decade he has focused his company on renewable energy consultancy, and is one of the leading experts on the wind potential of South East Asia. He is advising and consulting renewable energy companies on available possibilities in the market, and as a minority shareholder is active in developing the pipeline of Relab Energy Co. Ltd. in Thailand.


Tilleke&Gibbins was assisting with the legal formation of the company, and has drafted or reviewed several subcontracts, landlease agreements, LOI, MOU and other similar documents, between relab energy and its associates. we recommend their services to potential investors, in their eventual legal due diligence, of any of our developments.

KPMG and AiS

we recommend KPMG, or one of the other 4 big registered accountant firms, as the financial controller during implementation of any of relab energy's project developments, when several investors are involved in the finance of them. the monthly accounts and formal advice on the thai tax laws are handled by AiS, a local thai accounting firm.

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