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We are associated with several technology providers in the field of solar, wave and wind energy, bio mass, building integrated solutions, as well as other emerging technologies in renewable energy - we certainly do enjoy the possibility to engage and consult any interested parties.

Project Development

We are currently raising finance to develop and operate the following pipeline:

in europe; several 10-80 mw wind turbine parks, estimated production start 2015-16.

- - - - - - - - 2 separate 1 mw photo voltaic plants in the pipeline, estimated production start 2014-15.

- - - - - - - - 1 institute for renewable energy & regenerative agriculture, in the danish hojskole tradition.

Procurement and Tenders

We are able to submit tenders at competitive prices, for the construction of the above types of projects anywhere in the world, and we can advice on finance for their implementation, and a comprehensive day to day O&M strategy, which just might satisfy all involved stakeholders.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We are always interested to engage with sound projects of the above type - we screen any potential development, on the basis of suitable technology, and its economic, environmental and social impact, through the key indicators L.C.o.E., L.E.o.E., and local public participation/csr.

Local Public Participation

We either seek to sell our successful projects to pension funds operating in the jurisdiction - country - region the projects are operating in, or list a series of successful projects on the local stock exchange through an IPO, so everybody can benefit from a share in our developments.

Research and Development

We seek to support research and development through scholarships, conferences, grants, funding and/or active shareholding positions, including joint ventures, in related sectors. You are welcome to discuss any related project development, R&D or project finance with us at any time.